Gayana Resort

I'm psyched of going to Gayana Island when mum first asked me whether I want to join her with her colleagues to dine out at Gayana Resort or not. When there is food, I always say yes. Yes to food LOL. We arrived at Jesselton Point around 5.40pm and took our boat ride at 6pm. The ride to Gayana was pleasant as the sea water was calm. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery very much. After 10 minutes ride, we finally arrived at Gayana Island. We were welcomed by the workers and took some pictures of the resort before heading to Alu-Alu Restaurant for our dinner. I was amazed by the breath taking view of the nature and reliased that Sabah is a very beautiful place for vacation indeed. We then headed to our table at the restaurant and we're served hot Chinese Tea by the service persons. We then chose our menu for the 8 courses meal. Our food were served after 10 minutes of ordering. The food were all delicious and have met my expectation. We were also entertained by a pair of duo playing acoustic guitars who sang the songs we requested.
Around 8.30pm, we left the restaurant and walked around the resort. We were then given a poncho each as it has started to rain. We then boarded to the boat at 9pm and head back to the mainland.
I'm personally satisfied with the food and the price is worth it. RM69nett per person for 8 courses of meal and boat ride back and forth included. For more info, you can contact Mr James Aloysius at 013-8305830.


Mechelle Emass

Dear Mechelle,

We knew you since 4 years ago (2007). You first stepped into 4 Amanah with your ‘cekak musang baju kurung’. It must have been a very awkward moment for you since you’re the only one wearing that uniform, but you got style yaw. I remembered that I was the one who asked you to join us to have our meals during rehat on the first day you were in KKHS. Since then, we always had our meals together during rehat, class parties, and performances.

After  2 years of highschool in KKHS, our friendship continues at Matriculation (walaupun sy teda ah, tapi sy tatap juga rapat sama kamu bah kan).
Then, we continued our studies in different colleges. Even so, we still spent time hanging out getting crazy whenever we have the chance. Throughout the days, we been to so many places and had so many awesome memories together. We danced, we sang, we laughed, we gossiped, we ate lots of stuffs and definitely spent a lot of money LOL.
We then had our very first Awesomeness trip to Kuching. That moment was a bliss and as joyous as it could be. We should travel together again soon in the future.

Even though we only been friends for 4 years now, we are truly blessed to know you Mechelle, and we’ll be friends forever for sure. Always remember us here in Sabah. Stay in touch with us, through Facebook , Twitter or phones. Remember our motto "THE AWESOMENESS STICK THROUGH THICK AND THIN, FAT AND SKINNY."
We love you Mechelle Emass. Take care of yourself wherever you are. We will meet again someday. May God bless you always. Miss you already.


TOTS's Sungkai

It was the first time ever we finally did sungkai together. We've been planning to do so for quite a long time but the perfect time wasn't there yet. Luckily, today we experienced to sungkai together as a TOTS family.
It was held at Sarah's crib. We cooked some home cooked meals as well as bought some kuihs from bazaar Ramadhan.
After eating, we then storied and reminisced about our childhood memories. We laughed so hard, and I think Sarah's neighbours were somewhat annoyed by us. But we don't care LOL.
Even though it was only for awhile we hungout, but that moment of time was considered priceless when you were surrounded with awesome friends, who sometimes fight, argue but yet forgive each other and move on. I'm truly blessed we are still friends til this moment and hope that it will goes on throughout the journey our life.


First Day of Industrial Training

Nice working environment, helpful people, fun colleagues are those that I needed to embrace my training in Sutera Harbour. Although I'm a bit tired now (still getting used to it), but that's the learning process right?
Reached to Sutera and registered myself at the HR department. Then, me and some new trainees were briefed about our work, rules and regulations, and so on. Then, we headed to the linen department for our uniform. After charging into our uniform, we started to do our job. I had my lunch break later on and continued with my work until 5pm.
All in all, it was okay for me. And I hope it goes well all the time.


Kuching Trip 2011

Date: 23rd July-29th July 2011
People: The Awesomeness

Day 1-Our flight(AK6033) was delayed from 3.30pm to 6.25pm. We decided to have our late lunch at KFC in the airport. Checked in found out that our flight was then again delayed to 7pm. Finally boarded into the airplane and departed to Kuching. In the flight, we made a new friend, Qila who is still studying at UiTM Sarawak. After departed for 1 hour and 15 minutes, we reached Kuching. Mechelle and her sister came to fetch us at the airport. So glad to meet Mechelle. Her sister then dropped us off at city for us to check into our hotel. We got lost for a little while while looking for Abell Residence. We called the worker and he gave us unsure and confusing direction. After awhile looking for it, we finally found it which happened to be only one block away from where we stood. We checked into our room and put away all our luggage and went out for dinner at Topspot. We walked back to our hotel. Took bath and rest.

Day 2-Woke up and prepared ourselves. Took a cab to Satok Market. Reached Satok and had our breakfast at a shop nearby. After breakfast, we then went jalan-jalan at the market. We indulged ourselves with local delicacies and shopped some souvenirs to bring home. We then went to Wisma Satok before went back to city. In the city, we met up with San's friends from Matriculation. Then, we went for lunch at a Chinese restaurant. After lunch, we took pictures at the Cat Statue before we rode on a boat to the other part of Kuching just opposite to the heart of the city. Jalan-jalan and took loads of pictures. And then, we went to the other side where the Astana and Dewan Undangan Negeri are located. After that, we walked along Waterfront and stopped by at the Craft Carnival. On our way to the hotel, we saw a man with Orang Ulu's traditional costume playing sape nearby the Waterfront. We stopped to enjoy his performance. At night, we had our dinner with Mechelle's family at Tabuan Jaya open air market.

Day 3-Woke up and prepared ourselves. Walked to Ya Da Street for breakfast. And then, we went to Sarawak Museum. After roaming around for about 2 hours, we went for ABCs to quench thirst with Mechelle's mum. And then, we went to DBKS. After that, we headed to Boulevard. There, we met a few cute and adorable kids. We were then dropped off at Carpenter's Street and went to have our late lunch. We had the best pork satay in town. After that, we shopped along Carpenter's Street before headed back to hotel to prepare ourselves before went out for our dinner. We headed to Westwood to eat western food.

Day 4-We went to Sekama for Mee Keras Tomato. We drove to Cat Museum afterwards. Really excited to see those cute cat replicas. Some are just adorable. We then headed to Wisma Hopoh for waffles. The waffles were great and delicious. Less sugar and crispy. After that, we went to the Civic Centre to look at Kuching city, at higher point. We then decided to go back to Sarawak Museum. We rented a few Sarawakian traditional costumes to try on and we did some photo shoots. While we were photographing, we basically have attracted tourists whom took pictures of us and with us. Model terjun la konon hehe. After that, we went to open air market at Indian Street for some cold drinks. We met up with Emma as well. We hung out for awhile with her and exchanged stories. For dinner, we went to 101 open air market.

Day 5-In the morning, we headed to BDC open air market for breakfast. Afterward, we drove to Jong’s Crocodile Farm somewhere far from the city. We reached at Jong’s and purchased our tickets. Went into the farm and saw a lot of crocodiles. Other than that, other animals such as sun bear, peacock and a few adorable otters are there as well. The otters saw a packet of food brought by us and they made noisy sound wanting the food. We handed the food to them and their cute little hands reached for the food. It was like looking at young toddlers asking for food. After that, Mechelle brought us to SSPCA (Sarawak Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take pictures of the animals there. Looking at those abandon puppies and kittens made me sad. If only I live in Kuching, I will surely volunteer myself and adopt some animals. There is SSPCA in Sabah, but I don’t where it is. After that, we went to UNIMAS to roam around and meet up with San’s friends. We got back to our hotel and got ready to go out for dinner. We had dinner at RJ Ayam Bakar and walked to Riverside Majestic for bowling. After bowling, we headed back to RJ Ayam Bakar for supper. Went back to hotel and rest.

Day 6-We had our breakfast just nearby our hotel. Checked out from the hotel and went to Mechelle’s house to drop off our belongings before heading to The Spring. We watched Captain America at the cinema. After that, we went for karaoke. Around 6pm, we got back to Mechelle’s house and started the fire for BBQ. We cooked and BBQ-ed. We then had our dinner. After dinner, we started to pack our stuffs before we sleep.

Day 7-Woke up quite late due to the tiredness. Prepared ourselves and did some final packing. Loaded our stuffs to the car and wished farewell to Mechelle’s mum. We then went to BDC for breakfast. Mechelle then dropped us off at the airport. Wished her goodbye and we then flew off to our hometown.

PS-This trip was indeed great and full of excitement. Kuching’s food, places, people, hospitality, and ambience are things that I’m gonna miss so much. Wish to go back there again someday. Thank you to Mechelle and family for the wonderful hospitality. We really are glad to be treated in such way. May God bless you all. :)